Creating art is something I must do.  Art is part of what makes me whole. While I am in this world, I, too, need to share my experiences, which I do best through painting. Currently, my approach to the process of painting is a form of prayer and worship to a Creator Who is much greater than I am. Through my daily interactions with people and nature, I receive my greatest inspiration to paint and to glorify the great Creator.

I wish to paint the joy, peace, excitement or wonderment I have felt after being in a certain place or moment. Frequently, these moments come in nature settings, where I often escape to quiet myself. These quiet moments allow me to see more clearly the beauty that is around me. Consequently, through these quiet times, my inspiration comes; and as a result, a painting is formed. As the painting process evolves, I am sometimes led in a different direction from my original intent. For this reason, the physical act of painting can become a spiritual response to the world around me.  Thus, my hope is that the viewer can connect with my work on a deeper level and that the work can bring joy, peace, excitement or wonderment to another.